Legendary Pakistani Comedian Umer Shareef Passes away in Germany

Umer Shareef had been admitted to a hospital in Germany’s Nuremberg on Wednesday after his health condition deteriorated during his flight to the United States. The comedian was diagnosed with multiple ailments including coronary conditions.

He was shifted to the hospital after the air ambulance carrying Umer Shareef made a scheduled landing in Germany.

Mohammad Umer (19 April 1955 – 2 October, 2021), known professionally as Umer Shareef, was a Pakistani actor, comedian, director, producer and television personality. He is regarded as one of the greatest comedians in the sub-continent.

In 1974, Umer started his career from Karachi as a stage performer at the age of 14. He joined theatre, using the stage name Umer Zarif but later renamed that to Umer Sharif. Some of his extremely popular comedy stage plays were 1989’s “Bakra Qistoon Pe” and “Buddha Ghar Pe Hai”.

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