Mr Telangana Mohd Sohail Dies in Road Accident Near Siddipet

Hyderabad: In a tragic incident, 23-year-old Mohd Sohail, a well-known bodybuilding champion from Siddipet and Mr. Telangana winner, died in a road accident. On June 29, Sohail and his friend Mohd Khadir (23) were traveling from Siddipet to Mirudoddi on a two-wheeler when Sohail, who was driving, lost control and collided with an oncoming auto-rickshaw carrying scrap. Both sustained serious injuries and were taken to a private hospital in Hyderabad. Sohail succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment on Wednesday.

Sohail had achieved significant success in bodybuilding, winning numerous district, state, and South India-level championships, including the prestigious Mr. Telangana title. His friend Afridi expressed deep sorrow over the loss, highlighting Sohail’s promising future in the sport. The Mirudoddi police have registered a case, attributing the accident to over-speeding.

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