35 Murders in One Month, Law & Order Fails in Hyderabad Under Revanth Reddy’s Rule – BRS Party

Hyderabad: The BRS party blames that, under the administration of Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, law and order have significantly failed in Hyderabad, with around 35 murders reported in the city in June alone. Critics have labeled Revanth’s rule as incompetent, accusing the Congress government of failing to maintain control and effectively manage the state’s systems. Faced with rising crime rates, Congress has appeared unable to cope, effectively throwing up its hands in the face of these challenges.

BRS Party posted on X as….

Law & order were lost in the state under the incompetent rule of Revanth… Around 35 murders in June alone in Hyderabad city.

The Congress, unable to hold on to the systems, threw up its hands.

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