BRS Lost Due to Disconnect with People in Telangana, Says KTR

Hyderabad: BRS working president KT Rama Rao attributed the party’s losses in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections to a disconnect between party leaders and the people. He emphasized the need for introspection and a change in attitude among party members.

“There are many reasons for our defeat. One significant factor was that we did not engage enough with the people and publicize the development we facilitated. Blaming the people for our mistakes will not help. There was a gap between us and the public, despite the many schemes we introduced for their welfare,” he said.

In an informal media interaction in Delhi, Rama Rao asserted that attempts to erase BRS’s presence in Telangana would not succeed, and the defection of some MLAs and MLCs had no significant impact. “We anticipated ups and downs. Our mission continues despite these challenges,” he stated.

Dismissing theories that the party’s name change and alleged arrogance led to the loss, he differentiated between confidence and arrogance, suggesting that opponents who couldn’t match BRS’s development efforts propagated the notion of arrogance.

Rama Rao expressed surprise over YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s defeat in Andhra Pradesh despite his welfare schemes, noting that receiving 40% of the vote was still significant. He mentioned that the loss of an engaged MLA like Kethireddy Venkarami Reddy was surprising, while someone caught with currency became the Chief Minister.

Former Minister T Harish Rao commented on the BRS inducting opposition MLAs, noting that it had not benefited the party, as 10 such MLAs lost their seats. He criticized Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy for neglecting governance and indulging in politics, claiming that people are already noticing the difference between Congress and BRS, and preferring the latter.

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