For ₹300 Crore Property, Daughter-in Law Got Father-In-Law Killed

Nagpur: An investigation into the hit-and-run death of 82-year-old Purushottam Puttewar in Nagpur revealed a murder conspiracy allegedly orchestrated by his daughter-in-law, Archana Manish Puttewar. Archana, an assistant director in the town planning department, was arrested for hiring individuals to carry out the murder, spending approximately ₹1 crore. The motive was to gain control of family property worth ₹300 crore.

Key Details:

Archana’s husband, Manish, is a doctor. The family is distressed, especially since the murder was disguised to look like an accident, highlighting a deeper betrayal within the family dynamics.

  • Plot: Archana hired her husband’s driver Bagde and two other accomplices, Neeraj Nimje and Sachin Dharmik, to make the murder appear as an accident.
  • Execution: Purushottam was run over by a hired car on his way back from visiting his wife in the hospital.
  • Arrests: Archana and the accomplices face charges under the IPC and Motor Vehicles Act. Police seized two cars, gold jewelry, and mobile phones.

Professional Misconduct:

  • Irregularities: The investigation also uncovered gross irregularities in Archana’s work, involving the approval of illegal layouts, ignored due to her political connections.
  • Implications: Her arrest may prompt a deeper probe into her professional conduct.

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