40 Indians, Among 49 Killed in Kuwait Building Fire

Kuwait: A fire broke out in a six-storey building housing workers in Mangaf city, Kuwait, at 6 am local time. 49 people were killed, including 40 Indians, and over 40 were hospitalized. The fire started in a kitchen and quickly spread. Some residents jumped from the fifth floor to escape.

Investigation and Aftermath:

  • Kuwaiti Officials: The building housed nearly 160 workers from the same company. The fire was contained, and an investigation into its cause is ongoing.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad al-Yousuf al-Sabah visited the site and ordered the arrest of the building’s owner, blaming the incident on the greed of real estate owners who overcrowd accommodations.

Community Impact:

  • Indians constitute a significant portion of Kuwait’s population and workforce, with approximately 1 million residents and 900,000 workers.
  • The Indian government is actively working to provide support and assistance to the affected families and individuals.

This summary highlights the critical aspects of the fire incident in Kuwait that resulted in the deaths of 40 Indian nationals, the immediate response by Indian authorities, and the ongoing investigation and assistance efforts.

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