Father and Son Die by Suicide Under Churchgate-Bound Train in Mumbai

Mumbai: In a tragic incident, 63-year-old Harish Mehta and his 33-year-old son, Jay Mehta, ended their lives by lying on the railway tracks near Bhayandar station, where they were struck by a Churchgate-bound local train on Monday morning. The incident, captured on CCTV at Bhayandar station, showed the pair walking on platform 2-3 before jumping onto the tracks and walking towards Naigaon. Despite efforts by the motorman, the train could not be stopped in time.

Harish Mehta was a share trader, and his son worked in a private firm’s sales department. Both men, residents of Vasant Nagari in Vasai East, had been suffering from depression due to family issues. Jay Mehta had been married only a year. No suicide note was found at the scene. Police have registered an Accidental Death Report and are investigating further, including recording statements from family members.

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