Visa Scammers Arrested for Cheating Public of Rs 7.6 Crore in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The Central Crime Station (CCS) police arrested Madasu Kumar, who represents Riyan Visas and Immigration Pvt Ltd in Lakdi-ka-Pul, along with his associates, for defrauding nearly 100 job aspirants of Rs 7.6 crore by promising them jobs abroad.

Madasu and his team, equipped with good communication skills, lured job seekers by promising visas for employment in the United Kingdom, Malta, Canada, Poland, and other countries. They promoted the consultancy as highly successful using digital advertisements and engaged unauthorized agents across India and abroad to provide fake job offer letters and Certificates of Sponsorship.

However, when the candidates approached the respective embassies, their applications were rejected, and some were even banned due to the fraudulent documents. Based on complaints from several victims, the CCS police registered a case and arrested the suspects.

The Hyderabad City Police urges job aspirants to exercise caution and thoroughly verify the legitimacy of consultancies to avoid falling victim to visa fraud.

·  Verify Consultancy Authenticity: Do not rely solely on social media reviews (Facebook/WhatsApp/Text Message/YouTube). Physically visit the consultancy.

·  Check for Past Involvement in Visa Scams: Ensure the consultancy is not implicated in any fraud cases.

·  Review Processed Applications: Verify documents related to previous applications handled by the consultancy.

·  Authenticate Job Offer Letters/COS: Confirm the authenticity of job offer letters or COS via the official Immigration Site.

·  Evaluate Consultancy’s Process: Ensure the processes adopted by the consultancy are legitimate through the Immigration Site.

Apart from this, the following cases were also registered against various Visa Scam fraudsters:

  1. Hexus Migration Consultancy (Cr. No. 132/2024) – Japala Shashank, Somajiguda (Sections 406, 420 IPC)
  2. Anaga Career Solutions (Cr. No. 169/2024) – Munamarthy Prashanth Sharma & others, Himayatnagar (Sections 406, 420, 467, 468 rw 34 IPC)
  3. Ray Seven Education and Immigration (Cr. No. 140/2023) – Rupesh Kumar Kudumula & others (Sections 406, 420, 468 rlw 34 IPC)
  4. Hope Stone Career Consultancy Pvt Ltd (Cr. No. 32/2024) – Muthyala Sandeep Reddy (Sections 420, 506, 120 B IPC)
  5. SRNGLOBAL VISAHELP PVT. LTD (Cr. No. 142/2023 & 231/2023) – Maddali Tirumala Phaninder Kumar & others (Sections 406, 420, 506 r/w 34 IPC)

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