Twin Bomb Blast in Hyderabad – 2013

Hyderabad: On 21 February 2013 Two blasts occurred in the city of Hyderabad, India. The bombs exploded in Dilsukhnagar, a crowded shopping area, within 100 meters (330 ft) of each other. The first explosion occurred outside a roadside eatery named A1 Mirchi, next to the Anand Tiffin Centre and opposite the Konark movie hall, followed by the second one two minutes later near the Route 107 bus stand close to the Venkatadri theatre.

The first bomb went off at Anand Tiffins, located opposite Konark Theatre at around 19:02 IST. The second bomb went off at 19:06 IST between Venkatadri Theatre and Dilsukhnagar Bus Stand. According to the Hyderabad Police, the bombs were placed on bicycles. Andhra Pradesh’s Director General of Police noted that Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) had been used in the two blasts to cause maximum damage. The blasts killed 18 people, which included at least three college students and at least 119 injured.

later, in 2016, the special court for NIA cases awarded death sentence to five operatives of the Indian Mujahideen (IM) in connection with the bomb blasts case.

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