Trump Arrested, Surrendered at Fulton County Jail

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has surrendered at Fulton County jail in Georgia and been booked on charges of trying to overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia.

Donald Trump will likely be fingerprinted and have his mugshot taken

He will return at a later date to enter a plea in court. His bail has been set at $200,000

Trump denies 13 charges, including racketeering and false statements, and says the charges are politically motivated

On Wednesday, Donald Trump and his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and other co-defendants also surrendered in the same case

This is Trump’s fourth criminal case as he runs for election again in 2024.

Former US president Donald Trump was arrested at a Georgia jail Thursday on racketeering and conspiracy charges and released on $200,000 bond after having a historic mug shot taken.

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