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Russia To Discharge Indians From Army After PM Modi’s Talks With Putin; Owaisi Urges Same

Moscow: Russia has agreed to discharge all Indians serving in its military after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue with President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Moscow. This decision follows the deaths of at least two Indians in the conflict against Ukraine and claims from dozens more that they were deceived into joining the fight. The agreement was reached during a private dinner between Modi and Putin, where Putin also congratulated Modi on his re-election and praised India’s growing economy.

Approximately two dozen Indians are believed to have been coerced into the war after being lured to Russia with promises of high-paying jobs. A viral video earlier this year showed men from Punjab and Haryana in military uniforms alleging they had been tricked into fighting and pleading for assistance.

The Indian government had already addressed the issue with Russian authorities in March, seeking the early release of these individuals. Concurrently, Indian investigative agencies have taken action against those responsible for trafficking these individuals, uncovering a network that had sent at least 35 Indians to Russia, although it remains uncertain if all were forced into combat.

Earlier, Asaduddin Owaisi requests PM Modi and post on X as…

Since @narendramodi  is in Russia, he must follow up with Putin and stop the recruitment of Indians to fight in the Ukraine war. He should also ensure that innocent Indians who are stuck in the war are brought back home at the earliest.

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