Outgoing Dutch PM Hands Over Power, Went Home on Bicycle

Ductch: After 14 years in power, former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte left the Prime Minister’s Office on his bicycle following the official handover ceremony to his successor, Dick Schoof.

Former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte left the Binnenhof government building on 2 July 2024, handing over his office to the new Prime Minister Dick Schoof, before departing on his bicycle. Schoof, a former intelligence chief, was sworn in by King Willem-Alexander to lead a right-wing coalition government. Notably, Schoof is not affiliated with any political party and was not a candidate in the November election. After 14 years in office, Rutte is set to become the secretary-general of NATO, an alliance of countries from Europe and North America committed to mutual defense.

Dutch is used as the adjective for the Netherlands, as well as the demonym. The origins of the word go back to Proto-Germanic *þiudiskaz, Latinised into Theodiscus, meaning “popular” or “of the people”, akin to Old Dutch Dietsch or Old English þeodisc, meaning “(of) the common (Germanic) people”

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