7th BJP MLA, Backward Caste Leader Mukesh Verma Quits Party

UP, 13 Jan 2022: A seventh BJP MLA and backward caste leader Mukesh Verma quit the BJP today as exits continued for the third day from Uttar Pradesh’s ruling party less than a month before elections

2 UP Ministers, Dara Singh Chauhan, and Swami Prasad Maurya also Resign in Last 3 Days

UP, 12 Jan 2022: Dara Singh Chauhan, a OC leader and second minister in UP government has quit Yogi Adityanath’s cabinet in Uttar Pradesh.

UP, 11 Jan 2022:  yesterday, Swami Prasad Maurya another UP minister quits BJP along with 4 MLA and leaders ahed of state election

He is likely following the BSP-BJP-Samajwadi Party circuit like five others before him.

All of them were likely to join SP

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