ED and CBI should be sent to borders: Shiv Sena’s Saamana

Mumbai, 11 March: Shiv Sena a ruling ally in Maharashtra has said in its latest attack on former ally BJP, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) “should be sent to the Indian borders” to confront terrorists entering Jammu and Kashmir.

Shiv Sena was criticizing the government’s reactions on protesting farmers near Delhi “who are called terrorists” by the BJP leaders.

Shiv Sena further criticizing the use of central agencies to target rivals in opposition-ruled states, “The government thinks to stop opposition, they can use the ED and CBI.

In an editorial in Shive Sena’s mouthpiece “Saamana”, said…

  • Sardar Patel had led many farmers’ agitations against the British government, and Sardar Patel statue in Gujarat must be weeping now, seeing how farmers are being treated.
  • These agencies ED and CBI should be given an opportunity to prove their bravery and should be sent to the borders.
  • BJP is not just ruining the country’s environment but is also inviting autocracy.
  • The Khalistan topic is over and for that Indira Gandhi and General Arun Kumar Vaidya laid down their lives. But BJP wants to bring that topic up again and do politics in Punjab. If this ignites a spark then it will be disastrous for the country,”

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